The new edition of Antwaarpsen the day in the Bar

47dbb524ad4d215c4828c22296c12ea3 - The new edition of Antwaarpsen the day in the Bar

On Saturday, August 3, 2019 at the latest, as of 13: 30 a new edition of the “Antwaarpsen Day. The festival will, for the fourth consecutive year will take place. What is “Antwaarpsen Day it is? However, this is not a Workshop in a festival featuring only musicians in the Antwerp dialect.
The location of this event is at the cosy summer bar Around (GC, ’t Inn) , Or 199 of the to the Bar.

10 music Artists and bands are:
• Dammateurs
• MC Lily
• T Zèn Give
• Ed Kooyman (supervised by Winand on a Guitar).
• Cool & Eelens (Schralen tsjip)
• Gossip Mor Else
• Toast With Light
• Svensson, And Beekdabbers
• Jimmy Henderickx
• Useless for me

So, as you can see, there are in the line-up this year, well-known and lesser-known names. “We want to give everyone the opportunity to be at the stage of his/her / its thing to do,” said the co-host of Glenn Pellis. An interesting detail: in this Workshop the festival is a free event.