An Vanderstighelen is a mom to become

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By the end of 2018 it became known that actress An Vanderstighelen was pregnant with her first child. That news was from the press service of the public broadcasting service sent out into the world. An in the spring of this year, gave birth to, but in the meantime, it is considered by some to be for the summer. What’s the deal with delivery? But, And it is safe! Actually, it is An Vanderstighelen been very, very, very long time ago and liked it, but she kept the news from the media. Why is that? There Was perhaps something wrong with the baby, and wanted to, they’d rather not have that in the media? One of her colleagues asked us: “is the child of An is, or just want An at, there really aren’t involved in the press meet. An at is quite a bit of her privacy,” said one of her colleagues, in an interview with the Showbiz Website.
An at the end of march, has already given birth to, what they are after 3.5 months, still no comment to the media, to understand her, colleagues will not. ‘And it ran for quite a while, with a belly, on the set, for it told him that she was pregnant. There are moést in the spring, and a press release will be sent announcing that she was pregnant, as her character Sam in a little while “at Home ” would disappear”, says to the fellow, who prefers his name to doesn’t want this article to show up. On some level, I understand the answer is yes, it is her privacy and is committed to her family, to shield. That is, they do not to bring her baby to the press, that no-one can blame her. But it is now all about the birth of her baby and shut up, that’s kind of a funny hersenkronkel” the fellow continued. The fact that the news only after 4 months of leaking, it is saying a lot. Anyway, we wish you An Vanderstighelen sincere congratulations are in order.