Prince Laurent of belgium, with the family for an adventure at the festival

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The festival is The Day Before Tomorrow created with the ‘unexpected’ visit of Prince Laurent of belgium – there is a sixth edition, in order to be fit. Testament to this are the first official images. The counter klokte Thursday, more than 10,000 visitors in the Park, So to have all four of the stages are very excited, and crowded scenes are created. Major attractions such as the Bizzey, Gers Pardoel, Kobe Ilsen & Victor Verhulst, and it is immensely popular As It May Sound, ft Average, Rob is relieved of the expectation to be very bright in there. One of the surprises was the success of the Silent Disco.

“Our advance ticket sales were 50% better. What was it that we got at the end of the day it’s easy to get the quantities of 2018 and beyond expectations. And that’s fine. After the record edition in 2017, with a Lil’ Tiny, and the small decline from last year, we are growing a little bit. That is, it is not self-evident within the over-crowded festivallandschap today,” said organizer Marc Reijntjes from TDBT. “Prince, prince Laurent of belgium, which, apparently, mainly at the urging of his daughter, Louise, a day before his arrival had been announced, thought it was fantastic. He was very impressed with the welcome, ” he said. And the king’s son, confirmed all that he has for next year to come back.” And his wife Princess Claire and her daughter Louise? They ran like a well-populated park, all the way to the show, and the undisputed headliner of the seventh edition of Gers Pardoel. Even though it was not at the height of the prince’s visit, he was happy, his hit single ‘Louise’ take it to So apply.