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Newsflash: Bitcoin is 18,000 USD until September, XLM Airdrop on Binance

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Newsflash: Bitcoin is 18,000 USD until September, XLM Airdrop on Binance

Home News Newsflash: Bitcoin is 18,000 USD until September, XLM Airdrop on Binance

Marcel Knobloch –

If the price of Bitcoin is skyrocketing, new Bitcoin price forecasts, including a new all-time highs are not far away. After yesterday’s price drop and in the meantime, 9165,70 USD a strong return on 10,000 USD followed. This development is typical for the current Course, since the volatility is unusually large.

Thomas Lee, co-founder of the Fund, entered Global Advisor, has yesterday predicted that the price of Bitcoin will rise in August to $ 14,000 and up to September of 18,000 USD.

According to “The Boot” will Bitcoin drop below 10,000 USD (freely translated):

In this bull market we may never see four-digit Numbers. And if Bitcoin does not break the macro trend that is likely to be the bottom of the next bear market to be over 10,000 USD.

Another Analyst “Crypto Thies” is similarly optimistic, and predicted that BTC will rise this year to $ 20,000, and the former flight from December 2017 will be achieved (freely translated):

While BTC is consolidating above its resistance of 2018, and probably on to the next step of the parabolic growth prepared. October to January are historically the most seen the bullish. Food for thought: It is likely that we will see in 2019 20,000 USD. Even more important is that we may see under $ 10,000.

Bitcoin needs to now the goal of is 10,850 USD to break through, so that it can go further up the mountain. Currently, the price of Bitcoin, however, shows a sideways movement that wants to break out either up or down. The great candle of yesterday’s Evening was hard to predict, if not impossible, to predict:

The crypto market offers many opportunities to achieve quick profits, however the risk of losing capital is also large. The renowned Economist Alex Krueger compares traditional Assets in the stock market with crypto-currencies, and describes that the speed of Bitcoin is significantly higher and therefore more dangerous for investors (freely translated):

The share climb the stairs up and the Elevator down. Kryptos take the Elevator down and the rocket.

Many analysts believe that Bitcoin offers good possibilities to achieve a strong Rednite, however, the volatility will continue to rise. As always, can not be predicted in which direction Bitcoin will evolve, and it remains to be seen.

Binance announces Stellar lumen Airdrop

Binance announced yesterday via Twitter that the exchange would distribute an Airdrop of a cryptocurrency Stellar Lumens (XLM) in the value of 775.000 USD to its users.

According to own statements of Binance, has earned the platform “unknowingly” Staking Awards since the 31.08.2019. The cause lies in the conversion of several parameters on the platform, the Binance Team followed the Instructions of the Stellar developer team. This has made it possible for Binance both for Cold as well as Hot Wallets a small fortune to accumulate. Binance from results in (freely translated):

As we discussed this week with the use of Stellar for we realized that we had already earned 9.500.000 XLM (775.000 USD) worth of additional XLM-Token. All of the weekly stake out bonuses between then and now are documented in the Blockchain and Binance credited.

All the users have kept the XLM on the stock exchange, will receive an appropriate reward for Staking. The exact breakdown of the Staking Rewards can be found here.

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