Tom Coninx has set itself to rethink the way

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Tom Coninx saw it a year ago, his contract with the VTM does not have to be extended. After the commercial, tv Brussel, the voetbalcontract and to be a part of the Champions League and lost and felt that Tom by now it is already in place. In the former the sports anchor on channel VTM’s, not to mention how it is about to expire. “At the time there was not, after 7 years of service,” he said in the Festival. Allegedly, they tried to get him to manipulate it, but it was what he wanted to do not take part in it. When he saw that she turned away from him, wanted to ” he said was: “I’m going to do it, I’m strong enough, I will find my own way.”

In the past few years, Tom Coninx things that he has done, such as in the election campaign, a Brussels-based policy guidance and to a magazine for a immokantoor to be written. He took a vacation and spent a lot of time to spend with his children, who are 8 and 12 years of age. This month, he launched the new sports platform Currently, he is also on the Tour, along with ex-professional cyclist Johan Vansummeren, and the 18-year-old cameraman and editor, Emilio’s Book. In order to be able to finance it, there was an appeal to Bingoal, and it has a number of sponsordossiers sent to you. The team of Tom Coninx, wait for each day’s stage winner of the Tour de france to his hotel and afterward, the images quickly online and off. In that way, escape, he that is 250 euro per person, per day accreditation to the finish line to be there.