Sorry For All the germans to be on tv

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Good news about the border: it’s a German version, Sorry for all of you to see. It’s just the SEAT puts on Wednesday, August 7, is a version of the Single-success story, which is called “Sorry for it all. Germany is second only to the Netherlands and of course Belgium, is the third country to which it is a copy of a tv show.

In the German version, there are two episodes, each of 90 minutes). A very big difference with the Flemish version, in the remake, each of 2 candidates for each episode can be fooled by the whole team. The Arthur Of the Head of service in Germany, presenter Steven Gätjen. Also, some of the well-known German such as the rapper-Eko Fresh-tv-presenter Thomas Hermanns and model, Rebecca Mir, a helping hand for the applicants to be a surprise.