Secretly the party for Valerie De Booser and Koen Wauters

b696e9d2819c89d9abf4e613c3a831ee - Secretly the party for Valerie De Booser and Koen Wauters

Do you know where you are on the 17th of July, 2004? Valerie De Booser remembers it all too well: that same day, she is the wife of Koen Wauters. On Saturday, July 17, 2004 as promised, Koen Wauters and his partner, Was their undying loyalty. Just five years earlier, made Daring the same, and Carolijn Lilapaly, ever show to the MTV video music. Before the wedding he went to Sint-Maarten. It took at least six months prior to Koen Wauters, was informed that he was in the biggest secret and were married. Unfortunately for him, it kept the marriage for a long time. Just five years after his first marriage, did Koen Wauters is it again, this time it Was to The Booser. She was known as a temptress on Temptation Island. The two were only two years when she got married. It was mentioned that it “should be” was. Later on, it would show that She was pregnant at the time with the love of her life married to. “If I know what love is, it is because of you ” Koen Wauters”, he wrote, Was sat night, leave it on Instagram. With the addition of“15 years of marriage #180months #780weeks #happyaniversary #15yearsmarried”, was her message in full.

The wedding of Valerie and Carl, there was one far, far away from the press. Very, very, very modest, with only family and very best friends. That they were going to get married ran in the beginning of 2004, well-known, but more details have not been released. The two didn’t have any meaning in the media circus, so they created their guests to silence. She was already six months pregnant with Disaster. Time for a honeymoon, it was 15 years ago. The couple took a few days off to enjoy each other and then back to work. Fifteen years later, She and Carl are still hard workers, that might be the reason why it Was not until Wednesday night and let a message on the social media set? Just wish they have to wait for her husband Carl, one of the most special days of their lives are not forgotten? Carl knew this was not the case. Some days are etched in his memory, at least, that’s what we hope for from him.