Pat Krimson out to Kat Kerkhofs, ” what is it good for?’

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A few hours after the Cat, Kerkhofs has announced that it is now, when you book, it gets a Pat Krimson out to be the wife of Dries Mertens. “The DJ’s are at the REAR, a DJ booth, not on top of it or beside it.”, wrote Pat Krimson on Facebook. Even though Pat Krimson with a crowded agenda, and in fact is not a single reason to be in the room, so he decided Thursday to do something on the Facebook post. Pat Krimson said he had to give a phone call to a newspaper or magazine to comment on the news that Kat Kerkhofs, if a dj is going to work. “Clowns are in the circus, and the players on the field…stick to what your do best’, does it sound any further. The cat was on Thursday announced that you can now book in for a live dj set. Cost: 5.000 euros for a one-hour shifts. This is very pricey, and that is a fact of life. But the Cat is not going to be in each and every neighborhood party to go to run and chose a threshold built in. And yet, ask for Pat Krimson is one thing to wonder: “Where is Kat Kerkhofs well, it is not clear at the moment ?”. Maybe he should think about that to, He Will ask questions, which will be, after all these years, to know.