Kat Kerkhofs, go by DJ kit kat

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The girls (Cats) Kerkhofs, which has already proved to be of just about all markets in the entertainment business at home, it’s made in the last edition of the Rock Werchter festival – completely by coincidence – be a highly noted debut as a dj. The cat-and-hubby Dries Mertens crowned himself as the DJ kit kat and MC, Ciro to be the star of the day with a bomb of a dj set at The Brewery. The party’s mass was a good half an hour out of a plate, in a lovely mix of oh.a. Backstreet Boys, LMFAO, Steve Aoki, Sam Gooris, Genuwine, Sigma, and the Spice Girls. Urban, dance, R&B, heavy rock, Belgian klassiekers…de the sets of DJ and kit kat, are clearly just as diverse, vibrant, and a pure party-like the lady herself!

“I don’t hokjesdenken, and neither does the music. Everything is possible in my sets, as are the people themselves, for fun!”, responding, an elated Cat, Kerkhofs.