Friday, the start of the Ghent Parties

ede4f6bb4819e540904194f9a95e22f2 - Friday, the start of the Ghent Parties

After using it for 6 years, Ghent’s Party, the little brother to the big Ghent festival, firmly on the map of music. Seven days is a long time in the Nest and enjoy three different shows a night. All for free, if you like, but what is right to souperen) drankbonnetjes to buy. Anyone have the music to follow, you will recognize a lot of the young names that are in the past few years in the spotlight, and played, like the Coyote Melon, Lip-Service, But because it Eyemèr, Yokan, and Yùrt, the new all-star band, Brecht Plasschaert, including, inter alia, Thomas Oosterinck of the Amongster.

Also, a lot of artists who perform as a solo act to perform: They, Iskander Moens, Lion, Mupenzi, Caspar Auwerkerken, Maite Louisa, Skander Koston, and with the support of all of Epe, which is a couple of months ago left a note in The Voice Kids, the Kids, and after 2 singles, all self-confident with the stage one. New, original and authentic. Thus, we can make the most of the acts in the Ghent, Parties, a poster to describe it. Sobertrist, MURI, Lies, & Hieronymus, Flintrop, the Sons With the Father … and The concerts are in the Nest and the promise of a wonderful journey of discovery to be made.