Ajax director Overmars: ‘Transfer Is a far too long’

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Ajax director Overmars: ‘Transfer Is a far too long’

July 18, 2019 08:09 pm
18-07-19 08:09 pm
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Marc Overmars is a relief to know that the transfer on This Is Top just by a hair, after it is complete. The director of football cases had been hoped that the inevitable departure of the Ajax captain is previously arranged, it would have been, and is, therefore, with other players, and deadlines are put in place for the remainder of the transferzomer.

“It’s not for a long time,” says Overmars on Thursday in The Telegraph about the transferperikelen around The Hotel. “It was, but each and every day to continue to be in the media. It’s getting a little tired of it. That is why I am glad that it is finished.”

The nineteen-year-old’s Lies were in the last few months have been linked with several foreign clubs, but the defenders eventually chose Juventus. He suffered on Wednesday all of the medical examinations, in Turin, and it is normally Friday morning, hosted by the ‘Old Lady’.