The Waterboys are coming back to our country

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The Waterboys are coming out with a new album, back to Belgium. At this time, on the 12th of november with an exclusive show at the Queen elizabeth concert hall.
The band’s Scottish singer and guitarist Mike Scott has made in the eighties have been all the rage with the hit single “The Whole of The Moon’, taken from the succesalbum “This Is The Sea”. The mix of country, gospel and Irish folk music was the music of the men is ground-breaking and unique. Scott was then in the early nineties on your own, but after work, he went back to play under the name the Waterboys.

After the successful release of the critically-acclaimed Modern Blues in 2015, and it’s a double album, “Out of All This Blue” by 2017, which they then presented to a sold-out, The Roma, and took The Waterboys at the end of may and their new album ” Where The Action Is’.
The title of the album was inspired by the chorus of the Robert Parker classic from the 60’s, ” Let’s Go, Baby.