The Temptation Rodanya is pregnant, but who’s the daddy?

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Surprise and said, Rodanya of Temptation Island by 2019, it is pregnant. That is, she made herself well-known on her social media accounts. The big question is: who is the father of the child. “Morgan? Danicio? Or was it an accident?
On Tuesday, it changed Rodanya Kelsey and her status on Instagram to Proud mommy-to-be. “I Am in love with a human, i haven’t met yet. Just the two of us”, he wrote Rodanya further. And there I was: pregnant with first child. But where is the father? Not the slightest trace. Know Rodanya yourself, no matter who the father was, or is now, to a painful rift come from? Or will the father just to remain unknown, and it is not in the picture? Questions abound about the recent announcement of the Rodanya. It was released earlier this year together with her boyfriend, Morgan, are part of Temptation Island. The pair seemed to be the ultimate relatietest not only to survive, but it was still a break. In the last episode, popped up, for she is in bed with the seducer Danicio. It was to be a disconnect between Rodanya, and her best friend, Morgan. Spicy detail is that the reason for their participation in Temptation Island, it was like a strange move for the first time during the can relationship. How Rodanya to become pregnant, it is hard to say. The fact that they make sense to the mom-to-be, this is, however, certainly is.