The first moon landing 50 years ago: the story of Apollo 11

14190d0992eb786cecd7c888f50e637c - The first moon landing 50 years ago: the story of Apollo 11

It has been 50 years since man first set foot set on the moon, but it’s still one of the greatest achievements in human history. The astronauts were heroes who put their lives on the line, while all over the world with a critical eye looking in. Telefacts time, on Thursday, the 18th of July, a reconstruction of the mission, with the us, which have never been shown before, from the control room in Houston, an unexpected alarm going off, and the conversations with the crew.

When Neil Armstrong take the first steps on the moon and plant the American flag, along with Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, whose son is also in the road to have their say. Michael Collins controlled it in the historical moment of the command module, and it was the loneliest man ever, because his friends were on the moon, world, and all the rest of mankind on the earth. He tells us of his experience: “I was amazed that I was blamed for the loneliest man on a lonely planet, a lone satellite. It is not alone? The answer is “no”. I found it to be excellent. I own and very hard to be a king.”