“James Cooke? He has been phenomenal!”

25d0c880be5be2c800b8b47ef2fdb506 - "James Cooke? He has been phenomenal!"

There is a big chance that James Cooke, this week, with red cheeks walking around. Not because it is something mispeuterd does, it’s because he’s at the Festival this week, compliments of one of the biggest names in tv-makers of our country, Bruno Wyndaele.
According to the Wyndaele, James Cooke, one of the few, the exceptional talents, that is, the tv landscape has to offer. “He has been a long time. This is the the new Sergio Quisquater. James is the all-time,in any circumstances,” says Wyndaele. Now, there will still be people who say, but the words coming from the mouth of Bruno Wyndaele, it should really be a compliment, interpret it. Wyndaele said such a thing is not to be taken lightly when someone is to be depleted, who is of the opinion that it is also very, very, very true. According to the presenter of the program’from The ‘bounty hunters’, and ‘Best of friends’ has James Cooke, in all the circumstances to prove it to you. “He should be dancing, presenting, interviewing, or at a campsite, sitting down with Karen and Ladies: put a camera on it, and you’ve got a good tv. Cooke is excellent. You believe in him,” writes Wyndaele. “As James moved, it sticks out, that is not the way. And if he laughs, then he laughs. Waes also has an. Even in “war Games” is a little piece of themselves”, says Wyndaele this week’s Festival.