Dana Winner has a hidden passion

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Dana Winner, who will soon be 30 years old on stage is telling us about All of that, she has a hidden passion. Some 15 years later, they’re in clothing, on the boards that they own. The singer says that it is a very time-consuming process, but its so rewarding. Her style is to describe Dana Winner as well as elegant and contemporary. It has a lot of unique items that all of them track of. Often these are the dresses and bustiers. He has had a couple of huge cases for them is full of hang up. The substance to buy, and the clothing designs, does He really enjoy. Because it is perfect, it must have been working with the singing of the nightingale, along with a seamstress who has her designs, down to the smallest details worked out. Many of Dana’s designs are all Swarovskikristallen to be processed.

During the show, of 30 years, Dana Winner, she will be almost exclusively the design of the self-carrying. This is a show that will, incidentally, take place on the 9th of november in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp, belgium. David Vandyck will take care of the opening act. A Special guest from the Dutch by Alain Clark. Tickets will be on sale through