Well-known in Flanders, enjoy-The-Lion-King –

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Monday, could a few of the hundreds of attendees enjoying the opening night of “The Lion King”. Disney arranged for the premiere at the Kinepolis in Brussels, and had a variety of well-known Flemish people, and the influencers are invited to be present. Among others, Tinne Oltmans, Juan Gerlo, Elindo Avastia, Van Verstappen, Lize Feryn, Margot Hallemans, and Julie Vermeire lined up at the start. Most of the attendees were 25 years of age and younger as they are for the first time, The Lion King and watched it. It was looking forward to the new version, and they were evident in the taste. Dorien Reynaert out of The Buurtpolitie it as pure nostalgia, but better. It was even in tears during the viewing of the movie, it was so beautiful that. Also, Elindo of the Ghost and Also escaped from it. “I am very, very impressed with it. I have no joke, really, nine, time, cry. Everyone needs to go to the movie, go watch it, it really is unbelievable”, says the actor. His colleague, Juan Gerlo has I have a nice memory of “The Lion King”. “I went as a child and as a young lion on the chair in the living room. Jup, i was that kid,” he explains.
As of Wednesday, anyone can go to The Lion King, go and have a look, we bet you will enjoy it?