The White Horse is no number in a Daisy Thys

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This week is going to be the show’s Imagination by 2019’ in the uk, The White Horse has to offer. The annual review, in attracting each year several thousands of people to the town, and that this year will be no different. Even before the show premiered, but that is all of it in a negative way, are up to date and taken care of by one of the key players for them. It’s been ten years, Daisy Squad is on the stage of The White Horse, but it will be the last time. Monday night wrote a letter to the musicalactrice that’s a story for after this summer ends. The reason for this? Daisy had a beautiful song in the show, it’s a Monday, it was decided that a solo show has to be discarded. All the time in the last few weeks to invest is now, just put in the trash can. The reason for this? The show would be too long. Visitors to the annual review of The White Horse, that is the length of the show for many years already, the problem is this: the review is more likely to be a lot well after midnight. The audience may be for, it’s easy to take 1-2 in the morning before you get into your bed. The revue lasted for the past few years, can easily be three hours or longer, and now a trip to the builders about the number of a Daisy. “The show is too long, but then, as the ‘least’ out of the bus to get to do a lot of heartache….”, sounds like it is on Facebook. “It is not only because of my hard work over the years in this way, it will simply vanish into thin air, as well as my self-confidence as a singer and a storyteller, a bite is given, as my heart and soul into this song was, and I thought, ” that was..”