The Pfaffs want to go back to the tv

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Jean-Marie Pfaff and Carmen, 45 years old, married, and a celebration of a holiday on the Greek island of Kos. What could be going on a holiday and had a good talk with the powerkoppel. How many couples get that 45th wedding anniversary? On the one hand, there might be some friction between the partners, on the other hand, have the health want to go. Troubles come, Carmen, and Jean-Marie rarely had, in terms of health, if it is quite a bit better. Especially, Carmen, has, for the past few years, a lot of a lot of exploration. How can they not be cursed, because they have already suffered from the osteoporosis, and the household is forced to had to leave? This is love in a family Our size. The children are always happy to have mommy and daddy to help you, there is nothing for them to be too much. Carmen and Jean-Marie were always there for their children, Debby, Lyndsey, and Kelly. The daughters have always been out of the house, and so is Carmen, and Jean-Marie more time for themselves. From 2002 to early 2012, was with the whole family on tv and to see it in The ‘Pfaffs’. Jean-Marie will tell you about the Day that he was proud of what he and his family have achieved. “Just as our reality-soap. Ten years is a long time, more than 290 episodes,” beams the former east. However, The Pfaffs, for some time, there is a follow-up. “It is being seriously thought about it, yes. However, it is still a year or two, or three, to add. The grandchildren by their high school students have” heard from the mouth of Jean-Marie. He sees a range of new, fully seated, also the grandchildren would be interested in participating. “Kenji is doing what is in the direction of the result. But there are still a few things to be regulated in terms of contracts, what it sounds like. Carmen realized that she didn’t do it on their teeth to have been there, and they regret it. “As you can see how many retransmissions were there. In the Netherlands, the programme has been sold to RTL, but they were not told that it was on RTL4, 7, and 8 are broadcast, it would be.”