The atmosphere in The Buurtpolitie is a nice view on the pool

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It has been over the past week, much ink was shed over the departure of the six actors in The Buurtpolitie. And trust us: it’s the final word on this is yet to be written. Some of the actors are still in it for the next few months on the set alone. None of the six actors, who, by Zodiac, to Belgium, to the door down, he jumped in a hole-in-the-air as they learn that their role is smaller, it ought to be. At the very least, it is stated in the press release. All the actors are aware that they are in season and 13 more in the tank it will come out, in theory, it’s likely that they still will be allowed to come in. The chance of those six, however, still want to come, it is, however, quite small, and there are a number of reasons for this. One of these is the way in which Henny Seroeyen, Charlotte De Groof, John & The Ball, Tim Ost, Dorien Reynaert, and Souliman De Croock, to learn that she will soon be on the road. I’ll have the actors all for a long time on their working conditions. “The Buurtpolitie everything has to go fast. We are in a fast pace, which is in and of itself there’s nothing wrong with that, but that implies that we often have to change clothes in a room that you do not even have a dressing room anymore. We are, as it were, just in our underwear among the people during the change. There’s even a big screen, connected to a buy,” said one of the actors, with us, a few years ago. In addition, the fact that Andy Peelman, a better consideration is given to a lot of friction on the set. A few seasons ago, Andy Peelman, additional days in each and every episode to see who was on. Will the rest of the cast have less shooting days, and, therefore, lower wages. In All, this week is an article about the departure of the six actors in The Buurtpolitie. Henny Seroeyen is emphasized that, with the departure of six of their own choice. “We wanted it to ourselves really is, what it sounds like. But it is fairly self-explanatory, no? Everyone, that is, after season 2, when it is come, and should have,” said Henny, who played the role of Robin in the play. Also, his partner in the series, and it bothers on what is happening. “It was a clap of thunder from a clear sky,” said Tim Ost at All. “And I don’t bother myself very much with the communication of the decision. Our role would diminish. Come on, tell it like it is, and after the season to twelve, we are all, full stop.”
Souliman De Croock (Aziz, who is in The Buurtpolitie) has been hard these last few months dealt with at All. His personal problems have been exaggerated, and he feared even that the messages of his resignation and that of his co-workers to do with it. “I’ve had it since december of last year is not filming anymore, and also, in the movie, I don’t see it. All of this” said a disappointed Souliman. Aziz, who will be in the season 12 to see this, go to the images last year, are now included. “And they didn’t say that it was a financial decision, it is because we are earning a pittance. That creates more tension in the set-up. The atmosphere has been completely ruined” the actor continued.