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Customers of Wells Fargo of the crypto-market? – Coin Hero

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Customers of Wells Fargo of the crypto-market?

Home News Wells Fargo customers of crypto-market?

Matthias Nemack –

As one of the largest banks in the U.S. Wells Fargo has a major influence on the financial market. The Bank’s customers report a current crypto-prohibition.

Customer-Account is locked for crypto topics

It has long been known that a representative of the traditional banking industry belong to the Fans of digital currencies such as Bitcoin. This not only applies to Bitcoin and Altcoins of Augur about Ethereum to Zcash. Some of the Bank brought the least critical in the discussions about Facebook’s planned Stablecoin. Only a few providers to choose from so far, activities such as the U.S. Bank JP Morgan, which introduced some time ago, a Coin with a peg to the US Dollar. In the home Wells Fargo, the No. 2 U.S. banks refused it much to the chagrin of its customers entirely to the topic. The company goes so far as to ban customers crypto-transactions.

Accounts for customers with crypto Investments usable

Technically, this is in the times of Online Banking, of course, possible without Further ADO. Morally, you can practice at the current practice in the financial service providers from the United States, of course, quite a criticism. Just the fact that the customers were informed according to the Reports, only in the case of actual scheduled activities or to Ask, you can’t find any Wells Fargo customer well. Different users of accounts at the Bank reported that you make with your Bank accounts neither on crypto exchanges, purchases and Wallets in payment Apps could access your account. With the Support – both directly and in the case of Twitter – related, the Bank appears to have position. The customer information service were not satisfactory. Without a precise indication of the reasons, it was said at the Bank that the Bank does not allow for any crypto transactions.

Wells Fargo was itself repeated in the criticism

Against the Background that the banking-house itself stood repeatedly in the past for allegations of fraud in the criticism and in addition, reports of a scandal around the so-called fictitious accounts making the rounds, is the refusal in the crypto area is equally understandable as critical. The Bank can give because of their own history as an Argument is hardly perceived lack of seriousness in the case of crypto-currencies such as Ripple or Litecoin as the reason for the blocking. On the other hand, the company is currently trying to make everything right. That this is not necessarily with the larger interest for Bitcoin and Altcoins in line, is the Bank aware of. If the company moves away from its functioning in the light of the Considerations of a possible ban of Facebook Libra is unlikely. Least of all US President, Trump crypto-currencies had criticized.

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