Bar, Tanja Dexters close

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Over the past couple of months, Tanja Dexters is not in the news, to keep up. The former Miss Belgium, it was a long time ago were arrested during a search warrant at a drugszaak, but it was a short time later they were released. The set of messages, which is the name of Tanja Dexters, this is quite a long time, and now gets He’s in the news. Last year’s bar the Flamingo on the ‘Groenplaats’ in Antwerp and the doors are closed. According to the papers from the “media house”, was the case a few weeks ago, very close, less a year after the opening of the building. Tanja Dexters to put her back in the case, the idea was to make it as a successful outlet for it. But even before the opening, there were problems: in the case, did not have the appropriate permits, and, therefore, closed on the police with the case. Fortunately it turned out to be the authorised but as a formality, and the bar was opened a short time later with a huge celebration. However, when it became clear that the business partner, He’s already the 22nd time it was going out of business, and with a heavy foot-have had for which he was on several occasions the courts had to come in. Earlier this year, we decided that Tanja Dexters is off the case, but I have the storm and when all of it? A few months later, the case is closed. It has been on and off for the Flamingo, a Bar in Antwerp, belgium. Move on to the next adventure?