The busiest autumn ever for Gert Verhulst

abed36530e03537090f1ace4bb7e24e4 - The busiest autumn ever for Gert Verhulst

Why, Gert Verhulst, the previous month, is married to? Because that’s where the rest of the year, there is no time. The head of the Studio’s 100 promises to be one of the busiest najaren ever seen. Currently, it is about a Girl in full training to face the challenges that await him in The Battle, and next week will start with the zomershows of Samson & Gert in the theme park Plopsaland De Panne, and then there’s another Girl in Late Night, Dancing With The Stars, and the Girl from Last Year. Oh, yes, let’s start with the afscheidsshows of Samson and Gert has not been forgotten. Gert Verhulst is on a thin cable, it may not be in the least to be done, or it has a serious problem.