Guillaume, He takes on Friday’s surprising release of the single

6c3e50fd87c720eb4f5d7afdfcebfbb8 - Guillaume, He takes on Friday's surprising release of the single

The actor/singer Guillaume, He had, over the past few years, especially in the theater. But it was Guillaume, who in 2007 played in Steracteur sterartiest ” of his musical ambition never be abandoned. The result is the stunning new single, ‘Follow’, with which he has this summer to work out as expected. It is impressive number, it is out of the hands of the Dutch singer-songwriter Ruben Anninck, and the production of Bert Gielen. The clip is in, the number went Madame to the French Cap Blanc Nez, in the Pas-de-Calais region of france.

‘Chase,’ from Guillaume, He is coming on the 19th of July, coming out on the GDVR/Buzzard.