Friend, destroyed house, and George Michael

eb0bb0098f4489b863ec32b33b22396d - Friend, destroyed house, and George Michael

Three years ago, Michael must be spinning in his grave were he to see what happens with his property, had it done. In the London house of George-Michael attends his ex-boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz. Not legally, but the husband decided that, after the death, the dwelling-house of George Michael, on demand, to the great annoyance of the family of the late singer. Even though it is a bit difficult to do at Fadi Fawaz out of the house to get it, he will have to be stiff to hold. In the meantime, it would be the guy, even krakersrecht ” and they stand with their backs to the wall. Fadi Fawaz would, in the meantime, a large portion of the property destroyed, or claims to be the man that he was, with a renovation in progress.