FOUR of the face, stops, and a priest

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Patrick van der Vorst, one of the kunstspecialisten of the program Documents Of the People, ” just give it up. Van der Vorst has decided to take its case to stop the training to be a priest is to be followed. A carrièrewending voice.

Patrick van der Vorst has made a good name in the kunstmiddens, as he did in the past few years, a lot of good deals in the program Documents Of the People’. In the first season – which is still being broadcast it should be, it will also be the last. Of of Prince to pick up in september, to go to Rome in order to go to college. The decision to become a priest, it is not just arrived and it is certainly no fad, but on the contrary. “My father has a long illness and passed away when I was 18 years old. Due to these circumstances I went to school with the benedictines in new jersey,” says van der Vorst on the .

“The world’s most catholic boy, I was sure, but they have the foundation laid. 2 months ago, I’m still in the dom Gerard Van Malderen driven by the current abbot, and as my teacher, to him in return. At the age of 25, I became active in the church. Have a good friend who was a priest, and I had to think about. It was a constant battle between God and myself. I would like to take the helm of the ship, or the first to do this, and that is to do?” will Patrick continue to .