The impressive sound of a huge gong.


The Swiss company Paiste is a well-known manufacturer of cymbals, gongs and other metal percussion instruments. Its most impressive product is a gong with a diameter of about 2 meters.

With a particular instrument, it is quite possible. You would think that the fa is primarily intended to be hard to beat, but the Gong is the Master, Sven Meier, let’s see what really is possible. It is the sound that the instrument produces only a soft touch, is at least as impressive.

The different techniques

It is also possible that you may at first think it is. Smith will demonstrate different techniques and different sounds. In the comments under the video on YouTube is a good comment, and you could take this instrument with a perfect sound track to a horror movie can be made.

The gong is made up of a combination of silver and nickel, and is sold at a price of around $ 30,000.