Ment, launch, and Dirk Nyberg

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Basement Tv wrote on their Facebook page that they will be next week, a new artist will be launched.

The new artist is Dirk Nyberg. The lead singer of Edegem acting for many years as an entertainer, a singer, and a DJ for the research.a. private, wedding and corporate parties. And that brought him no fame in it, but that is about to change that.
At the end of april and won with Dirk Nyberg-the show ‘Danny Fabry is looking for talent for the INSTRUMENT’, which, for the first time it was organized. Dirk won it, and that’s why he’s on the music channel with a first single release. The singer was accompanied by topproducer, Lex de Groot. The lyrics of the new song, it was by what sung it in the studio for LDG Projects. Of course, heard of a professional photo shoot that was taken care of by the Peace Verstraete. We also have the matching clip is proposed, which is in the Basement, in a premiere. That is the brand new single by Dirk Nyberg is now a fact, and it will be titled “We’re off”. Get rid of all the burn-outs, and no cell phones. Let he sun shine! On Monday the 8th of July, and Dirk is the song during the recording sessions of The Flemish Top 10 for Placement in a Factory.

“We are in the way,” by Dirk Nyberg is available to download by oh.a. Apple music, iTunes, and Spotify.

(Nico Vanaken)