Maurice brings out a tribute to his father, Toon Hermans

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As if it was yesterday, but that was twenty years ago, which is to become a cabaret artist Toon Hermans in the film, and his “Mary” was followed. His son, Maurice, for the opportunity to have a celebration. He also made a presentation in which the songs of Toon Hermans, and the stories of the son of his father, the audience in a unique, authentic, and intimate, look to give to the life, work and passion of one of the most popular comedians of the netherlands. Toon Hermans was a very welcome guest in Flanders, and he had a great love for Antwerp, belgium. Theatertainment is very proud that she was the first to have this show go to Flanders, it may bring about. Maurice Hermans and will be accompanied by a pianist and four soloists. This show is a great opportunity for those who love the work and the man Toon Hermans.
Toon Hermans – Always will be I love you, takes place on Sunday the 8th of september to see it in the Theater Elckerlyc in Antwerp, belgium.

Maurice tells the story of a liedjesman, that life’s joys and sorrows in the beautiful, songs are able to express it. The real story is behind the scenes, with the well-known hits and other gems.

“ That’s when my dad just died, it was every time difficult for him to speak, let alone write it. Now, many years (19), and, later, that all changed. Grief has spilled over into memory, to the happy moments that we have experienced. For more than thirty years, traveled from town to town and worked with him as a principal in its field. So many wonderful memories of…”