Holidays ” Danny de Munk has a false start

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Bad luck for Danny de Munk. The Dutch singer has been on a well deserved vacation started, it just went to the start of the holiday, not as he had hoped. In november of last year, with Danny de Munk-via a villa in Spain. Unfortunately for him, it was the appropriate building, since October of last not, not for rent. And you won’t be able to in Spain, with suitcases in their hands. There were, according to the singer, however, alternatives are available, but they were not in the vicinity of the rented penthouse. “Of pressed for time decided to go to an apartment, are accepted and what is not in the shadow of what we have achieved. An entire day of our vacation to the keep and does not provide any direct assistance from the you must have a booking for the substitute apartment, as well as the difference in the price of the first house have to pay extra as well!!! An unreliable service and as well, from the consumer. The money is already in !!!!”, responding to a furious Danny de Munk.