The relationship of Chris Van Tongelen had a difficult start to

The relationship of Chris Van Tongelen had a difficult start to

Chris Van Tongelen, it is now a year along with his new girlfriend is Like, but the lead singer of Romeo’s and the actor in the Family, that their relationship is a difficult one to start with knew. Especially the family Like adopted, their relationship with time.

Chris Van Tongelen was very happy in his relationship with the 33-year-old Like. The two have a few words to understand each other. However, it was the age difference of 18 years of age, is not the only obstacle she had to overcome in their relationship…

Chris Van Tongelen and the Like got to know each other, after a concert with The Romeo’s. In spite of the age difference it was easy to get to with one click. However, it took several months for them to come closer to each other, toegroeiden. Chris Van Tongelen: I wasn’t looking for a relationship. But after a couple of months, we got to talking, and we started sending messages. After a couple of dinner parties, I felt that there was more of was the relationship. On both sides of it.”

Like indicates in the Story that it took to do the job for them on her feelings, afraid to admit it. She wanted to be Chris, after all, need to really get to know. Her family looked at Chris, however, is not happy. Not only was there a large age difference, but, in addition, there is a Chris in the showbizzwereldje. “She does take a while to get used to the idea, but in the end, it’s goedgekomen,” says Annelies. But, it was still trying to convince someone to…