The Great Gatsby exceeds expectations

e3644779fa43ee8f3b2f410c7103665e - The Great Gatsby exceeds expectations

Since the beginning of this week, teems with such as Knokke-Heist and the surrounding area, from a single subject to talk about: The Great Gatsby, and the public. Mr. Gatsby’s guests, stealing, after all, ever since the arrival of the show is on the streets and in the squares, on the way to the villa. Tuesday, went to the show, in a premiere, and everybody was very enthusiastic about it.
After more than 7,000 guests were welcomed at his residence in Brussels, and looking for our host, and a summer house by the sea. His search led him to a stately mansion on the beach of Knokke-Heist, from the 20’s to meet its exuberant demands. During the school year and school girls-and -boys-dreaming of the glitz and glamour, is taking Mr. Gatsby, up to and including August 18, his friends are on a trip in this unique version of the iconic story of the F. Scott Fitzegerald. The guests are dancing, drinking, and gossiping, take it to the max. Please note that more than 150 people a night, can’t get into it.
The show runs until the 4th of August, in the Netherlands, and after that, till the 18th of August, in the French language. Tickets and info: