Platinum for Helmut Lotti

ada123013fe0e6e30d3c3b3a2d42ec84 - Platinum for Helmut Lotti

Thursday night, it was Helmut’s by Peter Van de Veire will be surprised with a platinum album. And if you think that Helmut in advance of your award, then you are completely wrong. CNR Records after the award, secretly, to Peter Van de Veire and the staff at the Flanders Festival is concerned, Helmut is really quite a pleasant surprise. Was very happy with the fact that he was a platinum-award for selling more than 20,000 copies of their album ‘Soul Classics’ In-Studio ‘ in Belgium, Helmut took myself for a surprise, the three classics from his early period to the middle of the Flanders Festival. There is a good reason for that: this year it’s 30 years since Helmut has his first hit, scored. The birthday will also be celebrated with a unique boxed set.