Stops, Peter Van de Veire and his ochtendshow?

Stops, Peter Van de Veire and his ochtendshow?

At the end of may, Peter-the Fourth, for the fourth time, father. And son, Lex, was three weeks earlier than the scheduled time, and Peter Van de Veire speaks a clear language: “I want to be more of a rest stop”. Will there be an end to his ochtendshow?

After the “GENIUS” presents Peter Van de Veire is also the Flanders Festival. “I’ve been lucky in that I was always on the stage on those music shows. But there are quite a few. I think that’s a shame,” said the presenter, which are, however, options are looking for more music from the VRT.

Major shows such as the “GENIUS”, and the Flanders Festival costs a lot of money, therefore it is a Peter Van de Veire, to brainstorm about different ways to make that happen. Just by the online platforms of the belgian, for example, revealed that the presenter in the Story. “I am confident that with a full studio and a 37 camera crews do not always need to have in order for the new single to be taken from, say, Tom, Dice, and Kato has to be gathered. That can also be used on a bicycle, on the River, if the lighting is good,” according to the creative and multi-talented artist in the Story.

“As a public broadcaster, we have the responsibility to help the local music industry to support them,” acknowledges Peter Van de Veire. But that is the end of the summer for June and July, as the presenter is aware of a peaceful birth, Lex. In August, the recording of the program, The Battle with Gert Verhulst, and James Cooke, Peter, Of de Veire will be present, but in June and July, the presenter, the agenda is as clean as possible in order to enjoy a young son, Lex. “He demands attention,” says Peter Van de Veire.