John Destadsbader: “the worst is behind us’

d350fe034c6eccd6a6f739ef33680c45 - John Destadsbader: "the worst is behind us'

He was there Thursday, it is effective: the Player Destadsbader came to the Flanders Festival in Antwerp, and this was his first appearance since joining on Monday the 1st of July, do not know is blind to the need to provide for the recording of Belgium’s Got Talent. For a long period of time, it was uncertain as to whether he would be able to come to the doctor in a Minute, however, gave him the green light to go to Antwerp.
John was working, his performance is flawless, for some of them, there seemed to be nothing to worry about, but there was definitely something wrong. Worse, the car is only 50 metres away from the stage, and turned off and walked away-without crutches, to the stage, but that crutch is never too far away. During the short walk up to the stage was the singer and applause, just because he has the teeth to bite, and yet it was there. During the soundcheck and did the Worse thing: to sing, going to be the fans, and the public is worth it. Everyone was happy that John was there, too. Even if the doctor is not able to jump. “The worst part is, thankfully, behind us. Here and there, it will still be again, I’m really happy to be here. It is, however, different than in the whole of the day in bed. We have a well-rehearsed, and soon the rush of adrenaline from all of those people are still there”, laughs, and a happy artist. He had to get his doctor to promise to be careful. “My doctor said that I have a lot to do, but to jump I have to let go. I’ve got a lot of things promised to be in my life, I wouldn’t be doing it, but I still did it, and we will soon be able to see it. My mother is not at home to watch them, and I also said that I don’t have to jump in. For once, I think I even have my mom going to listen,” laughs John. The singer-and-presenter is aware that he is actually very lucky that when he was on the bar stool, and fell. “Everyone will have something against it, and that he was sometimes a pain in the back. So it’s clear that you just came home from work and take care of you, so that you can get started quickly. I am hoping this and a couple of weeks back full of the old-to-be.” The player has built awareness of what peace and quiet in between the rehearsal and the recording. After the rehearsal, he was driven to a hotel where he had for a bed was to his back, and the necessary rest. In spite of the pain and discomfort he has now, wants to be seen a lot of his audience won’t let you down. The player can see the complete order by the end of this month, at the Suikerrock have been the first big concert of the summer, to give you. Canceling is not an option. “We also immediately received a phone call stating that there should be no reason not to. On the contrary, I’m really looking forward to the end of July and with my musicians in again, in full, to stand up and play in front of all the people that have come in. I think that I may, perhaps, still more to go, for fun, and because I’m glad that I’m back.”
Worse, the past few weeks, several events have to cancel the screening of his new album. “He and I have had a selection of about twenty songs, so here we go with the best songs of their selection. We have chosen to use the numbers that are going to be, and so should the people at the end of the year, and a new album is expected”. The title of the album has seen a lot haven’t. “I’ll think about it. This behind-the-back as well. No, I do not….”, laugh a Minute. The singer is looking forward to the next few weeks, and on Sunday the 18th of August. The player will then be 100% sure on the Radio 2 summer Hit will occur. “I’m not allowed to occur at the Radio 2 summer Hit, but I do hope that at the end of the third year in a row, to the stage of going to be the prize in advance.” On Thursday, makes the Radio 2 of all of the nominees, as well as the main competitors of the Player Destadsbader well-known. More than ever before, it promises this year to be exciting, too. It is obvious that, the Player also wins this year, but the listeners and the fans to decide who they are, whether or not to vote