Fred Bekky fight against Alzheimer’s disease, light

Fred Bekky fight against Alzheimer's disease, light

Fred Bekky scoring with The Pebbles, a monsterhit with the Seven Horses in The Sky” and it is exactly fifty years ago, and The Pebbles in the first-ever outdoor rock festival in Belgium. But that reminds Fred Bekky is no more.

Fred Bekky, that we are ever going to work, as a severe member of the jury of The Soundmixshow on tv has troubles already, with his short-term memory, but it now seems that his old memories are gone, to deemsteren… but Fred Bekky is not pressure. “I’m very, very, little, in the past,” he noted at the Beginning of the. He has troubles with his memory, however, the age of the and alcohol, are…

Fred Bekky is now 75 years old and see a lot of people of his age who is even more sick and tired about the memory he had. “I am of the people who have it much worse than I do. most of the people in their lives, and more gezopen for me. And it suffers, in my memory the most.”