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TRON CEO announces BitTorrents ‘Killer-App’ Coin Hero

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TRON CEO announces BitTorrents ‘Killer App’

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Marcel Knobloch –

Justin Sun, CEO of TRON, had bought the web platform BitTorrent last year, for a total amount of 140 million USD. Since the was BitTorrent introduced step for step in the Blockchain Ecosystem. Soon the new Testnet is supposed to start and 100 million users in contact with crypto-currencies bring.

According to Sun, the new file system Protocol is a distributed web platform based on the Blockchain technology. The crypto-based System rewards users of the platform with BitTorrent Token (BTT) to share files and to enable faster Downloads. The project describes itself as “the world’s largest Blockchain-application for quick portrait and Herunterldaen of files”. Currently to BitTorrent have a besehende user base of more than 100 million aktikven users. 22% of the world’s data traffic will be “Upstream” and the 3% of “down stream traffic” for the Parts of the Film, Video, Audio, Software, and digital files are handled.

BitTorrent Speed, a variant of the IPFS Protocol (inter-planetary file system), brings together BitTorrent and the Blockchain. This internal system upgrade is expected to be on the 08.07.2019 available (freely translated):

With BitTorrent the Speed we want to strengthen the BitTorrent Protocol, and then further functions to provide the cross-industry innovation.

TRON had BitTorrent bought in a heated round of Sales for more than USD 100 million. The file system of BitTorrent is part of the Vision of TRON, to create a limitless Internet, in the private sphere, and of the possession of the own data can be determined by the users themselves and not from Zwischenhändlerln such as Facebook or Google. In this case, it is expected that the platform expands the TRON-Ecosystem, since users cryptographic for sharing your hard earn storage with TRON.

BitTorrent is set to grow to a universal platform, the various areas of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat but also search engines such as Google and Cloud products such as Amazon Web Services and is able to offer. The tokenized business, which is operated on a decentralised Internet, is used to winnings from the show to sell, and to cause other data to be collected routinely from heavyweights of the technology sector, and evaluated, and to distribute it to the user. According to the announcement, (freely translated):

[BitTorrent File System] BTFS Mainnet is launched for public access and will provide all the decentralized TRON applications, which require a decentralized storage network. Preliminary developer tools will be available, and some of the outstanding popular DApps created by the Community, to be executed on the platform, including the upcoming TronMovie and BitTorrent Pix.

Sun describes the BTFS as follows (freely translated):

BTFS is the first truly practical and scalable implementation of a decentralized storage system that can be used by DApp-developers.

The BitTorrent-Token is used as a means of payment and reward medium on the platform, and is intended to serve as an additional incentive to use the Services in detail. For the performance of the computer-Supported paid, it depends mainly on the amount of bandwidth available. The next time will show whether the Vision of the Sun can actually realize the project in the long term, the market can exist.

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