The prestigious vlamt and banging in The Tub

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After a long period of time, and returned it once again, the band are back in the area of the basin. And not just any home! The prestigious put up in the stadium, literally, on fire.

About 10 minutes ahead of schedule, appeared, suddenly, drummer Christoph Schneider, in on the vast stage, at which time the first explosions, and fireworks to be heard. Everyone was awake and at the start of the lesson. Our holidays started on his memorable performance. The focus was, of course, the new self-titled album is the first album in 10 years. It was quite a lot of songs to be played,and

Not all of the new work to the attention of the full Fairing to hold it. When the singing was beautiful Diamonds, or the sound of the Tattoo, you could be on the field quite a lot of people to talk to (the so-called Dutch Disease), but other work, such as Radio, Deutschland (germany) or Ausländer (it did just fine. Nevertheless, it is, of course, the ones that have the best to do.


Midway through the regular part of the show, there was a nice moment. There was a lot of smoke and flames to be seen, but the second part is pulled, the belt, everything out of the closet. After a humorous interlude, around the issue of Germany was really loose, and the firing of the band’s hit single, after hit single on the quite a warmed-up audience. Following two new singles, followed By Teil, Du Hast, Sonne, and valve has No Game. During Sonne’s there were huge flames to be seen. Not only on stage, but also from the towers which are in the general public field up there. In social media, we noticed after this the flames and the smoke, far in excess of the stadium and came out on the market.

The encore started out on a small stage in the middle of the field. Since that time the band played a stripped-down version of Angel, and then crowdsurfend, rubber boats, to the stage to return for an even more old-fashioned, working extremely hard. At the top of The Cockpit, the sun had disappeared and it was spectacular show, even better. Rock ‘n ‘ Roll was, at last, again back in the stadium where it belongs, and our holidays were the perfect band to have this honour upon himself to take it.

The following year, the band returns to the Netherlands for a concert in Nijmegen, the netherlands.

Set list:

Was ich liebe
Links 2-3-4
Zeig dich
Mein Herz brennt
Heirate mich
Germany (Remixed by Richard Z. Kruspe)
My Part Of The
Du hast
Ohne dich

Engel (Scala & Kolacny Brothers version)
Du riechst so gut

I will