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The E-Euro as a crypto-competition is coming soon? – Coin Hero

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The E-Euro as a crypto-competition is coming soon?

Home News Coming soon to the E-Euro as a crypto-competition?

Matthias Nemack –

When the politicians get involved in the field of digital currencies, this leaves always a bitter aftertaste. So also in the so-called “E-Euro”.

Union sisters wish to state Coin create

The Union parties to demand in a key issues paper, the introduction of a digital Euro, called automatically real “crypto-fans” on the Plan. Most of the investors in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Coins in their Wallets, are government interventions critical. This relates often not only to possible regulations. Your own governmental ideas to crypto-currencies, such as in Argentina or Russia are some of the Fan a thorn in the eye. The paper of the CDU/CSU encounters, as expected, with criticism in the industry. Among other things, the paper asks the question, such as “the advantages of the Blockchain technology of the shadow economy in legal and legitimate business models”, can be converted. A “digital Euro” could be from the point of view of policy is the solution. The government, political parties play with the idea of a digital currency, says industry expert in particular: The existing offer on the crypto market, the policy considers not serious enough.

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Blockchain is supposed to help the German economy

This “Over-a-comb-scissors” is the reason why many insiders criticize the political project. If parties an Alternative to Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other Blockchain-want to create systems, it leaves potential investors in the normal market may be unnecessary doubts. Doubts as to whether the crypto industry offers at all serious offers. And this is exactly what is wrong. Of course, there is not invariably a good service provider, untrustworthy company, however, it is also available in the traditional banking world. A key issue for the policy, the upcoming Facebook currency for Libra. It helps the crypto market these days to new heights. The CDU/CSU parliamentary group wants to oppose these developments, and the Blockchain itself as a key technology to use. Of course, it is what it says in the paper “the technology of the future Blockchain – opportunities for Germany”, ideas and suggestions. Meanwhile, many companies, even in Blockchain solutions.

What should be used of the E Euro?

Nevertheless, exposures in the direction of the Bundesbank to the creation of a Digital-Euros louder. The Unions-the document speaks of a Stablecoin with a link to the “real” exchange rate of the Euro. For the Bundesbank itself, this is not a completely new idea. Because there you had been thinking already about the topic. Measures yet. Bundesbank President Weidmann expressed last, a digital currency, the Central Bank had to be considered “good”. Consumers should come in the Union Initiative, according to the pleasure of a “regulated and stable value” digital money-Version. The paper is actually a late response to the coalition agreement, announced a “Blockchain” strategy. Especially for companies, the Union parties, opened the Blockchain for the future-oriented opportunities. Technology firms could grow faster. The paper intention is to make Germany a pioneering role. For example, it could be in the future a trade on a Blockchain-based. Important for a possible implementation of the paper-concepts: The government needs to survive the coming months.

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