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Telegram Token GRAM is sold for $ 4 on Liquid – Coin Hero

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Telegram Token GRAM is sold for $ 4 on Liquid

Home News Telegram Token GRAM is for 4 USD on Liquid sold

Marcus Misiak –

According to a recent report from Bloomberg Gram plantasia, a large holder – “whale” – from the telegram crypto-currency, GRAM, your stock in a sale from the 10. To liquidate July.

The sale is on Liquid, a Japanese crypto currency exchange, which enjoys due to its transparency, a very good reputation in Japan. Gram Asia, a South Korea-based company will sell grams for 4 dollars per Coin. In comparison, private investors paid in the second ICO round in March 2018 USD 1.33.

This is more than three times the price that the investors in the Telegram-private initial Coin Offerings have paid, which highlights that, despite the resolution of many of the crypto Hype to ICOs currencies still exists. In addition, users of the exchange will receive a discount of $ 0.50, when you buy a gram (GRAM) means the internal Token of the crypto-currency stock exchange, QASH.

The purchased Token should only be made in the third quarter of this year, released when the Telegram, to be “the Open Network” will start. The terms and conditions of the public sale should be regulated as well strictly. Some countries are excluded for regulatory reasons.

It is important to note that it is a of the Telegram supported the sale, but the attempt of Gram Asia, to take advantage of the anticipation of the introduction of the crypto-currency of social media and to Profit from it.

In addition, you will be able to GRAM also not really acting. Instead, the Telegram-crypto-currency is to be held until October in USDC, the Stablecoin,.

The company behind the popular (encrypted) Messaging App Telegram, which has made no official statement to this step excited in the past year, international attention when she held a private Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for GRAM. The ICO brought the equivalent of 1.5 billion euros for the project, Telegram Open Network (TON). It was not expected that a public Phase would follow, but Gram Asia, the largest organization of Gram-holders, will now offer an unknown amount of GRAM, and in October an (unofficial) sell to hold.

Liquid-CEO Mike Kayamori said in the press release:

We also have a Vision to create a safer and more open value transfer system, to facilitate the General acceptance of crypto-currencies. The Blockchain infrastructure of SOUND can contribute to the improvement of Telegram as a Peer-to-Peer values network. Especially Telegram can improve with the launch of their crypto-currency-Light-Wallets for the very active Telegram-user.

Telegram is aiming for a start date to the end of the third quarter of 2019, before the Libra Token from Facebook will appear. To be expected In view of the timing of the launch of the Blockchain, the use cases and the fact that the Telegram is a Social Media company, have referred to some of the Gram as a competitor of Libra. So it is not planned Durov or Zuckerberg, perhaps, but the two block chains are likely to compete with each other.

Durov seeks a higher transaction speed than the Bitcoin and Ethereum block chain, and could try, according to company documents, to compete with Visa and Mastercard. It is planned to use gram to pay for various services on the SOUND Blockchain, including user applications, distributed data storage and bypass the censorship.

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