Sony is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Walkman

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On July 1, 1979, is released for Sony’s first release of Images from. An important milestone in the history of music, as suddenly, it was very easy to get wherever we are and whatever music you enjoy. Of course, Sony is silent on this anniversary.

The walkman was invented by Masaru Ibuka, one of the co-founders of Sony. It was his idea to take a tape recorder to develop, which led to everyone always a high quality feel to me. The other people in Sony’s had this much success, because they have the Quality to be high. Ibuka proved them wrong, with the eventual sale of over 400 million Walkmans around the world.

Anyone who is in the 80’s and 90’s, a conscious experience may well be a Quality in the possession, or at least used to. I had the yellow Sports Walkman, which I always have with me. On the way to and from school and on my paper route would devour everything I could get my hands on was put. Of borrowing tapes from the library to the recordings of the legendary disappearance of the shooting star, and the minimixen by Ben Liebrand. Later, I went for the mixtape exchange with my friends and one of them was considered with the music that you hear on the radio, was supposed to be. I can say that the Experience for me musically, has shaped.


New developments and techniques followed in quick succession, so you actually have to sign up for a new Experience, wanted to (that is, a characteristic in common with the current smartphone). Think of auto-reverse, in-ear headphones, and, later, the Discman and Mini-Disc players. They may even still have portable music players sold under the name “Walkman”. You can, however, say that the Experience is a very important role to play in the popular culture of the last 40 years.

Hence it is that the Sony is a great exhibition to have set up. It is divided into two parts. First of all, it is My story, my walkman, with a total of 40 celebrities to tell us what the role of the Mobile in their life, has taken place. In addition, there is the ‘Cell wall’, where as many as 230 copies of the Images to show up. Unfortunately, the world expo in Tokyo, japan, there is a nice video (found at the top of the page), and, of course, the memories. Remember, even once, think about your first Experience that you have in your possession, and what music you listened to. Or dispose of the subject of Experience even in a group, in a conversation with friends. It’s likely that the great stories.

(Photo: Sony