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No, there was no RAID on Tron by the Chinese police

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No, there was no RAID on Tron by the Chinese police

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Marcus Misiak –

Recently, a Video has emerged that the police are in front of the offices of TRON in Beijing, China. Contrary to the rumors, however, there was no RAID at TRON. Instead, the Video shows angry protesters, the victims of a TRON Ponzi system.

According to a number of people on Twitter that have translated the Video, was Tron in fact, local authorities searched. The police was to protect the offices of Tron, in front of a group of angry Locals have been scammed by a Ponzi scheme. Those who besieged Tron’s offices, presumably those who have invested the capital in the fraud.

In a published on Monday, answer Tron made it clear that you began your WeChat-Messaging-group, to Tron, to warn investors that a group called “the Wave Field Super Community” posing as Tron, in order to attract investors.

Tron is in China under the name “Wave Field” and the victims say that neither Tron nor the CEO Justin Sun have done enough to distance themselves from the Criminals that operated a Ponzi scheme that promised investors a huge return on your TRX. The Wave Field Super-Community to be launched in January, and claimed to be one of the 27 Super Representatives of Tron.

Tron reported that “the Victims were promised in the name of TRON, BitTorrent and uTorrent high returns for their investments “. According to the Nuclear Finance victim said that questions were addressed to the Sun, and for clarity about Tron’s relationship to the group, asked, remained unanswered, so that the scammers Tron-fool trailer and with millions in crypto of them could come. They claim that a clear answer was not published until after the funds had collapsed, and the scammers were gone.

If you can discard TRON, and Justin Sun a little, is it, then, that the Official of TRON is not enough of the Ponzi scheme have distant.

Reports on Social Media characterize the police presence as a crackdown, but Tron is reported that the police responded to the protesters:

Images and Videos circulating on the Internet, show scenes of the incident and the reaction of the police, they are removed and the office has been secured.[…] The officials of TRON expressed your compassion and understanding for those who were deceived were, however, doomed the company in the strongest possible terms violence that may be committed as a result of events that are under its direct control. TRON has warned investors several potential pyramid schemes or illegal activities, the attempt of investors to cheat under the guise of quick wealth with the help of the Blockchain technology.

Ponzi schemes on the rise again

With the rising rates on the crypto currency market, the cases of fraud also seem to increase again. As the Times of India last week reported, has been detained, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of India, four persons, after they have developed a crypto-currency called “KBC Coin”, a project that had previously promised within a short period of time, an investment return of over 10,000%. The CID claims that the KBC Coin was marketed as a classic pyramid scheme, and a multi-level reward mechanism propagated, of those rewarded who took the leap early and managed to drag others into the “business”.

In South Africa thousands, “according to The Next Web were deceived”, to invest in a crypto-currency-Ponzi-System, which generates allegedly about $ 130,000 per day.

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