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Newsflash: the 5,000 Bitcoin ATMs in America, the Atomic Swaps between BTC and LTC

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Newsflash: the 5,000 Bitcoin ATMs in America, the Atomic Swaps between BTC and LTC

Home News Newsflash: 5.000 Bitcoin ATMs in America, the Atomic Swaps between BTC and LTC

Marcel Knobloch –

The spread of Bitcoin ATMs in the world is increasing every day. Similar to traditional ATMs may not be available for about only Fiat currencies, but these machines are connected via the Internet with a crypto currency exchange. This allows users of Bitcoin and other digital currencies can buy with their debit cards or cash. Currently, there are more than 5,000 ATMs in comparison to traditional ATMs, which offer estimated at 3 million copies. The majority of crypto ATMs in the United States of America.

With an average increase of 6 ATMs per day and more than 3220 ATM, the USA is the leader and more than half of the world’s active ATMs home to support the also crypto-currencies. The dealer can perform with these machines transactions up to a value of 20,000 USD per day. These transactions must be made in cash or by Bank Transfer, with a minimum amount of 5,000 USD.

The first ATM was installed in 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. To this day, Canada has emerged as the second largest location in the world. In spite of a General increase, currencies of the Bitcoin and Crypto in the world is always rough. Police officers and the state sees crypto-currencies as a Medium, about the terrorists, scammers and other thieves operate in order to enrich itself and to bring the state’s tax revenue. Even if there are now several studies that prove the contrary, it is recorded in this Narrative.

Great Britain has a total of 249 Bitcoin ATM, the first of which have already been installed in the year 2014. Although this figures compared to the US, little appears to be significantly smaller land area of the United Kingdom in Relation to set. 154 ATMs in London, 22 in Manchester, 10 in Birmingham. In the rest of Europe, there are also a significant number of Bitcoin ATMs.

Austria achieved with 267 ATMs, of which 109 are in the capital, Vienna, is an absolute peak value. In the West, Hong Kong is one of the 39 ATMs and Australia a total of 23. Countries in economic Distress, Iran and Venezuela, will also receive the first Bitcoin ATM. Most likely the spread could be significantly higher, if there is a consistent global regulation and a legal framework that all countries can follow.

Atomic Swaps between BTC and LTC live at Beams

In the last Release of the crypto-Wallets-Beam, a fix has been implemented that Atomic Swaps between Litecoin and Bitcoin implemented. The new feature allows users of Wallets to exchange the two currencies against each other, without that, during the transaction, a crypto währungsu matusch, or other service for the process is required. The following Video shows how this can be carried out in practice easily, quickly and safely:

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