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LG announces own Patent for a crypto-Wallet – Coin Hero

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LG announces own Patent for crypto Wallet

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Matthias Nemack –

The next big Smartphone-maker has announced plans to your own Wallet to word. This Time it is the LG, the to jump on the Kryptozug.

LG pulls out his own Wallet to work Together

Two months ago, the manufacturer of the South Korean manufacturer Samsung had announced investment in the Wallet provider Ledger. LG Electronics announced, however, officially, they are working on a own crypto-Wallet. The Patent currently applies to the US market. The corresponding document was published a few days ago. LG continues with in-depth Details covered. There are only a few information are known. The User can store currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other Altcoins in digital wallets, is obvious. Because the Patent provides for the new according to media reports, that such storage of crypto-currencies will be possible.

Not only pure Wallet services will be available

The Patent, which was registered under the brand name ThinQ Wallet, to be able to points of a technical face, but more than a traditional Digital Wallet. An optional purpose of use is the storage of crypto-securities, as different sources report. Also conceivable is the use of the wallet for upcoming ICOs or inner-earth objects, which take place on stock exchanges is here, for example. A connection is in addition to Smartphones, the G7+series. In this context, the reference to the patent mark appeared at an earlier date. Two other potential areas of application, the experts mention in their reports also. The Wallet from the house of LG can come in the future for payments in connection with Online Banking. In addition, the virtual wallet could be available as an App for platforms on the Blockchain can be used. Payment transactions around the Bitcoin and crypto-currencies in General could be checked thanks to the Wallet and monitored.

Competition stimulates business – to put other manufacturers soon?

Also, the authorization of transactions seems to be a part of the Wallet. Furthermore, the information on the US Patent suggests that private or commercial users may perform the payment processing on the LG Wallet. So the new Format can be the introduction to a General currency exchange (such as on various crypto stock exchanges) or other financial transactions is interesting. In the coming weeks, the manufacturer will respond with a high degree of probability to the messages from the crypto-rumors and views which segment of the market, the company itself has with his Wallet in view. Interestingly, the patent application is against the Background that more and more electronics manufacturers recognize the need on User page and the corresponding developments are advancing. For crypto Fans, the increasing selection of Wallets – whether through partnerships or in-house development – not only in terms of transaction costs will be advantageous.

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