Lesley-Ann Poppe is the victim of internettrol

8f5587018068ab028e3d6c11ed74f837 - Lesley-Ann Poppe is the victim of internettrol

At the first glance to be an innocent photo of Lesley-Ann Poppe in Paris, it is the root cause of the fact that the blonde you have been a victim of a internettrol. “Paris is always a good idea And the phenomenon, too”, and smiled at Lesley-Ann Poppe, a few days ago. However, not everybody is apparently a fan of the woman. A woman in Brussels, found it necessary to criticize the person, Lesley-Ann Poppe. “Miss a class” …so an ugly breasts could I be hiding…but, the dress is beautiful,” said a woman on Instagram.

Lesley-Ann does not do, well not this time. She was the woman in question is also the answer. “A very classy note. Fortunately, I am not impressed with the bodyshamers” said it himself on Instagram. Lesley-Ann will not only have the support of tens of followers that have nothing but praise for her body, and her husband, Kevin, decided to take his wife to stand up.