James Cooke, Joyce Beullens together in the studio

342cebf2cf9a0a6ed6eff665fec912a6 - James Cooke, Joyce Beullens together in the studio

At this time, the release of the 2nd season of the succesprogramma “The Sterrenstudio” Studio 100 TV is on in full swing. This program will be able to podiumbeesten, nightingale, and dancing skills are all the way to let off some steam on the stage, surrounded by more than 160 children who live in the studio to cheer.

In each episode, crawl on some of the rising stars in the role of the Studio is 100 paragon, and it has a dancing or singing to the very best of themselves. Everything is in the right direction, guided by the presenter, Joyce Beullens, and James Cooke. The images are currently in Vilvoorde (belgium) happen to be in the month of October, broadcast. James Cooke, it’s all hands on deck, in between takes, he is also rehearsing for The Battle for the new FOUR.