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Iran wants to announce Bitcoin miners, increasingly, the battle – Coin Hero

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Iran wants to announce Bitcoin miners increasingly the fight

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Matthias Nemack –

To China and some other countries, Iranian authorities to push increasingly in the Mining of crypto in front of currencies, it has a bar.

Mining companies: in Iran, an uninvited guest?

It was only a matter of time until the commitment of the Bitcoin would grow Mining and Mining of other digital currencies. Recently, we reported on the significant increase in Bitcoin Mining Difficulty. In April of this year, there was speculation about whether there will be a Mining ban in the people’s Republic of China. Only a few countries worldwide to present, the subject of Mining as indicative as Canada. The province of Quebec had taken some time ago, namely, self-measures, in order to benefit through the provision of cheap electricity from Mining activities economically. The opposite of this Opening for the crypto market is not only in India, where crypto are prohibitions with corresponding effects on the Mining in the conversation. Also Iranian authorities will strengthen their farms measures against Mining. Mining wins worldwide following a rest period of significance. The reason is the significant price gains. Especially the Bitcoin hurried last from one record to the next.

First action with great success

That, of all places, in Iran, Mining companies operating in the near past recordings, at the price current in the country. However, the actors want to put the government on the various regulatory bodies, so to speak, the craft. Authorities are currently working on the implementation of government requirements for the closure of the plants. In particular, the high power consumption, the authorities cited as a reason for intervention. According to the Iranian Ministry of energy had occurred in the just completed month of June a consumption of 7 % above the normal average values. Whether the increased energy consumption can actually be Mining back, is not safe. As an Argument for the intervention of the presumption submitted to the authorities already. In the last week of June, they have closed seemingly two bodies, in which the Miner had established. About 1,000 computers are alleged to have been confiscated.

Earlier, the Iranian energy had given suppliers a clear set of warnings. You said that Mining on the electricity grid of the state is illegal. The words of the state institutions now increasingly followed by action.

Early rethink when it comes to Crypto, because of international sanctions?

Other illegal Miner should prepare for problems, it says in the messages. In the country there is probably a veritable Mining Boom as a result of cheap energy, and rising crypto-rates. In the future, it provides that the state allows Mining that the miners, but only electricity, without subsidies, are available. Exact plans, however, there is still. Interesting: a number of miners in Iran seem to come from China, where the conditions said to have been significantly tightened. The Iranian Central Bank, by the way, had prohibited banks, and other service providers to the financial industry in the spring of Bitcoin purchases and the trade as a whole. Observers expect, however, in the future, with more freedoms, as the country struggles increasingly with foreign sanctions. Crypto-currencies such as Litecoin or Monero could be used to circumvent sanctions.

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