Great safe for the Home

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As is customary each year to enjoy the company of the Home of a well-deserved break. Four weeks is a long time there will be no recording in the famous Studio in Manhattan, Leuven, belgium). And yet, at the moment there is a lot of activity: on the annual vacation of the actors and the people who work behind the scenes to use to return in order to apply. Some things can be repaired, a lot of clothes that have been around a while don’t come in the direction of a central warehouse for the flemish, on a technical level, however, some aircraft have a maintenance. Because it is as good as it is, in all the years of recording at Home, in the course of the year, barely any time to do it. At Monday 29th of July to have everything in place and the actors, with a lot of renewed courage and energy to continue to work on the filming of the new season. And believe us when we tell you that there is a lot to be done. One of the actors of the Home, told us last week that, to us, who have no have to follow that up with his/her / its character is going to happen. Exciting, isn’t it?