Girl, and don’t Shoot favourites, But

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Wednesday morning-July 10, were the winners of the previous year, and director Michaël R. Roskam (the Best Movie with ” Le fidèle) and, scenariste Malin, Sarah – Gozin: Best TV – series of Tabula-rasa) are the nominees for the But 2019 is not known. All of us could be online in live to the announcement to follow.

From now on, until the beginning of september through the vote for the ultimate winners, which will be on Saturday 14 september, the festive lights will be revealed in the Kursaal of Ostend, and on the last day of the film Festival of Ostend (belgium).

‘Girl’ by Lukas Dhont, and ‘don’t Shoot’ by Stijn Coninx result in the list of each of the 9 nominations, followed by a ‘Hellhole’ by Bas Devos (8 nominations). In the TELEVISION series, the majority of the votes to the Studio, Tarara’ (8), and “The Day” (7).

It’s all in the 10dekeer that, But to take place for the second time, it is A Academy, which is the organization for you. The A Academy is composed of the members of the audio-visual corporations, and associations in the Flemish film scene. It is they who determine who is to be nominated, and decide who will be the Ensorwinnaars of the year.