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Cuba: support from McAfee, in the case of Coin development? – Coin Hero

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Cuba: support from McAfee, in the case of Coin development?

Home News Cuba: protect the help of McAfee in Coin development?

Matthias Nemack –

John McAfee offers Cuba for consideration of a national crypto-currencies to its support. Policy responses there are so far.

Cuba and McAfee as a Team for a Cuban crypto currency?

It goes by these days hardly a week in which the Software Innovator John McAfee brings to the conversation. Just via Twitter, the self-proclaimed crypto-specialist, published his opinion on Ethereum and many Altcoins. At the end of February he had stated, in its 1-Million-Dollar-forecast for Bitcoin, despite the problems in the market. About a month ago, in turn, McAfee announced plans for its own Cryptocurrency. Currently, the enterprising business man gives, but by other News international hearing. Once again via his Twitter Account, John McAfee, the media published reports that suggest its possible involvement in the developments of a own crypto-currency of the island nation of Cuba. At least, the appropriate offers to the experts of the news from Cuba are from recognizable according to the information provided.

New development vs. use of existing cryptographic systems

The background of the current speculation about a Cuban crypto currency this week Alejandro Gil Fernández took. The acting Minister of economy of Cuba confirmed on Demands current analyses with regard to the crypto-currency use. It will go equally to national as well as international transactions in the trading sector. The Considerations of a Coin but according to the Minister, only one side of the coin. Also, the competent Ministry check-experts existing the advantages of existing currencies such as the Bitcoin for Cuba’s economic purposes. Usual, self-secure, McAfee well-known, he was happy with his experience with advice and act to the side. Cuba had to report only to him. How creative he is, noted the expert, most recently with his announcement that the first VISA-crypto-credit card proof.

Want to Cuba US Sanctions bypass through its own currency?

In contact with the Reuters news Agency, McAfee expressed to the effect that Cuba could be due to the modern digital currency and payment systems without a large expense impact of the US embargo in force. Important for a potential currency of their own, especially a well-functioning Blockchain, which is aligned with Cuba’s special situation and claims to be however. Regardless of the possible needs of Cuba, help: Whether this offer of help, McAfee help himself, may be doubted due to his current efforts for the Libertarian party to run for the U.S. presidency. The Software millionaire currently has problems with the US tax authorities, is also not conducive with the views of the voters favor. The fact that John McAfee is currently in the port of Havana at anchor, is not the result of his tender. The recording of conversations would make it easier for McAfee’s current location, of course, essential.

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